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Welcome to The Stargatefan, the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis gen only fanfiction archive. Our stories range from the the Stargate movie to the latest episode of the current season of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

The Stargatefan archive is open to all, but if you want to submit a story of your own to Stargatefan, you would need to register. There's no need to be in a list group. Just got to have a joy for gen fic.

Once you've joined, you're welcome to submit stories here. Check out the help page to learn how to do that, and be sure to read our terms of service and our story submission guidelines. Thank you and keep on gating!

This archive is dedicated to Michelle and the staff of Stargatefan. They made this happen. I have them to thank for this.

We are the home of 61 authors from among our 161 members. There have been 336 reviews written about our 533 stories consisting of 1085 chapters and 3657269 words. A special welcome to our newest member, eshier.
Main Categories
Story of the Moment
Temporary Insanity by iiiionly All Ages
#1 in The Rocking Chair Series. On a mission to negotiate for inclusion of...
Most Recent
Bingo in SG-1 Minor by Fig Newton Pre-Teen
A series of unrelated ficlets on classic SG-1, roughly in chronological order...
Tidbits by Fig Newton Teen
Short fics on classic SG-1. Humor, angst, episode tags, prison break-outs, motorcycles...
Alphabet Soup by Fig Newton Teen
Personal contributions to the Alphabet Soup series, a semi-regular gen ficathon...
On the Outside, Looking In by Fig Newton Pre-Teen
Episode-related drabbles from the perspective of an outsider or a minor character...
Quarantine by Fig Newton All Ages
When the team is stuck in special quarantine, it's hard to find a way to pass...
Site News
StargateFan has been updated!

StargateFan has been upgraded to the latest version of the eFiction archive, and any outstanding issues with the inability to change user preferences should now be resolved. Thanks for sticking with us!

--Cleo on 31/03/10 - 02:03 pm 30 Comments