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The Fifth Race

Dr. Jackson is busy briefing General Hammond and the rest of the SG-1 team about a new world, "When we found Ernest Littlefield on P3X972, we found a repository of knowledge there."

"Meaning of life stuff," Jack adds in acknowledgment.

Daniel continues "With four distinct alien languages on the wall, we concluded this was some kind of meeting place…"

General Hammond interrupts, "We all reread the mission reports Dr. Jackson."

Daniel is clearly excited now, referring to an image on a computer screen "The probe from P3R272 sent back an image that matches the inscription from the meeting place on Ernest's planet!" He waits for a response from everyone, but they appear stumped.

Finally, the General asks "You know what the circle of symbols says?"

Daniel is slightly irritated, but still continues "No…I don't even know what it sounds like, but based on the Norse Rune at the bottom of this inscription, I'm positive one of the four races is Thor's race, the Asgaard, and this would make this alien race one of their allies!"

Teal'c is the first to recognize the importance of advanced allies and comments "I do believe this world is worth exploring, Daniel Jackson!"

The team travels through the Gate and exits into an enclosed space. Carter comments "Breathable air, moderate temperature…but where is the life support coming from?"

O'Neill bangs absently on the walls "Walls are solid!"

Teal'c reaffirms "As the probe indicated, there appears to be no exit." There is only the DHD and a bright circle on the floor, which Daniel walks carefully around, studying it.

Jack is clearly disappointed, "Well…this was an intergalactic waste of time!"

Sam wants to investigate further "Where's the power for the lights coming from? What's the point of this place?"

Daniel begins to shout loudly "HELLO! I'M DANIEL JACKSON. WE'RE PEACEFUL EXPLORERS FROM THE PLANET EARTH!" There is no response and Jack makes a face. "Worth a try," Daniel comments in response.

Jack is more than ready to leave, "Daniel, how long do you figure we ought to hang out here and scratch our cosmic heads?"

"We can't just give up!" Daniel insists.

Jack retorts "Why not? Let's go home." He crosses through the circle on the floor, when a high pitched noise is heard and a strange device materializes from out of one of the walls. Jack is impressed now "OK… that's something!" The team stares transfixed. There is an opening in the center of the circular device, Teal'c approaches it as Jack warns him to watch himself. He peers inside.

"What do you see?" Daniel asks.

"Blackness. Filled with colored lights." Teal'c responds.

Jack now takes a look, and the flashing lights intensify, somehow responding to him. The aperture opens wider, causing Jack to react but he doesn't move away. The device rapidly extends itself to grab hold of the Colonel's head and the lights blaze fully in his eyes. He screams in pain and as quickly as it began it ends. The device retreats and Jack falls to the floor, eyes open, staring…unresponsive. The team quickly dials home.

Dr. Frazier examines Jack. All seems normal, and he says he feels great and doesn't remember a thing. They all proceed to a debriefing with the General. Jack is sketching some sort of strange device.

General Hammond asks, "What caused this device to appear?"

"We're not sure," Daniel answers.

"Colonel O'Neill passed through a circle on the floor just before the device opened," Teal'c recalls. "I was the first to look into it."

Hammond continues questioning "What did you see?"

Jack abruptly interrupts as if to shut down further conversation "Lights…he saw lights." Daniel looks at him, as his response seems odd somehow. Jack again answers "It's what he said he saw…lights!" He looks around at everyone's raised eyebrows "What?"

Hammond asks Jack "Why didn't the device react to Teal'c the same way it did to you?"

O'Neill simply answers "I don't know."

Teal'c postulates "Perhaps it's because I am Jaffa." And Carter agrees.

Jack is getting antsy now, "Teal'c looked, I looked… the thing grabbed my head… I passed out… I came to… we're home… can we go?"

Sam knows something is wrong, "Are you OK?"

Jack doesn't look like he believes what he is saying, but responds "I'm fine, I'm just fine!… A little tired, maybe."

Hammond is also concerned "Colonel, are you sure you're OK?"

Jack is upset now, "I am absolutely fine…there is nothing CRUVIS with me!"

Everyone exchanges looks, as Jack says to Daniel "What?"

Daniel can't believe he has to tell Jack what he just said "You just said there's nothing "cruvis" with you!"

Jack thinks for a second "I did not!"

Daniel counters "Did too."

Jack thinks again, "No, I didn't!"

Daniel is persistent "Yes you did!"





Jack is beside himself "Cruvis! What is that?"

"I don't know," Daniel tries to answer, "I'm guessing in the context of what you're saying there is nothing 'wrong' with you."

The General instructs Jack to relax and not leave the base. Jack is still thinking, obviously concerned, then he takes his sketch and leaves.

In an attempt to relax and have something to do, Jack prepares to teach Teal'c how to box. Teal'c asks "What is the reason for these padded gloves, O'Neill?"

Jack responds "So we don't hurt each other…it's so you don't hurt me."

Teal'c is obviously confused "If we do not intend to do each other harm, why then are we doing battle?"

Jack finds it difficult to explain, but says it's supposed to be fun. He shows Teal'c how to 'dance' about and shuffles his feet. He lands the first punch, but Teal'c doesn't even flinch. Jack offers "I'm sorry, are you all right?"

Teal'c, who is clearly fine, answers "I am fine."

Jack tells him why it's important to move "Well, that's why you gotta move arou…" He is interrupted by a strong punch from Teal'c that sends him crashing to the floor.

"How was that, O'Neill?" Teal'c asks, not even offering to help him up.

"Good, that was good," Jack says as he stands up. "You have to keep your hands up, your feet moving and bend your cozars…keep your cozars bent."

Teal'c tells him "I am unfamiliar with that word."

Jack is surprised "What? Cozars? Cozars…" He motions to his legs… "Gotta bend your cozars!"

Teal'c responds "I believe you are referring to your legs, O'Neill." Jack looks at his legs with deepening concern.

Daniel is working at his desk in his much cluttered office as Teal'c and O'Neill burst in. Jack shouts "All right! What the hell is going on with me?"

Daniel isn't up to speed yet "What do you mean?"

Jack continues "Well, apparently I've lost the fallatis to speak properly!" He pauses, "That wasn't a joke! I didn't do that on purpose!"

Teal'c agrees "Several times now, Colonel O'Neill has used strange words in place of common terms."

Daniel tries to translate "Sounds kinda close to medieval Latin." He gets out a reference book "Faculattis is Latin for ability…you say you lost the 'fallatis' to speak."

Jack begins talking in a monotone "Nu ani an que a tas."

Daniel asks "What?"

Jack repeats as he is looking at the circle of alien symbols on Daniel's computer, "Nu ani an que a tas, pic qua be dieum."

Daniel moves to the computer screen "Jack, are you reading this?"

Jack is frantic now, and fearfully responds "I don't know…you tell me!"

Daniel can't "I haven't even been able to associate sounds to the symbols. Do you know what this means?"

Obviously distressed Jack says "No! I'm just lookin at it and the words pop right into my frond! Does anybody think this is odd?"

Daniel is discussing the situation with Sam, "The language he is speaking has similar sounds to medieval Latin, but it is still quite different." He shows Sam a chalkboard full of equations, "Jack wrote this in the thirty seconds just before we brought him to the infirmary."

"It's like no math I've ever seen!" Sam exclaims in wonder.

Dr. Frasier discovers Jack's brain is operating at over 90% capacity, with normal being 5 to 10%. Everyone begins to search for Jack as he has left the infirmary. He is busy building something and when Sam asks him what he's doing he responds "I need this." When she presses him what for, he has no idea.

Daniel tells General Hammond that Jack has read the circle and the translation appears to be "The Place of Our Legacy." He goes on to propose that the device may have somehow "downloaded" an alien language into Jack's brain. Teal'c calls them away from their discussion to the control room. Jack is typing frantically on a keyboard, entering a series of numbers.

Carter exclaims "The main system is down, I'm locked out."

Hammond asks Jack "What are you doing?"

Jack, still typing, "I don't know sir…you know me and computers!"

Hammond becomes excited "Colonel! I am ordering you to stop!"

Jack's voice is strained "I'd love to sir, but I can't!" The General orders Teal'c to pull O'Neill away from the keyboard. He protests strongly "Bad idea! I'm not fargit!"

Daniel is studying Jack carefully "Sir, I think he wants to finish what he's started."

Sam sees the computer system going crazy and asks "What did you do?"

Jack just shrugs in confused frustration. Suddenly a destination map appears on the monitor, with both existing and new gates, ones that don't match the Abydos cartouche! Daniel looks in amazement at Jack, "Well, I guess that they must have put more than just a language into your brain! That circular inscription read The Place of Our Legacy, what if the thing you looked into was some kind of alien database - all the knowledge the aliens possessed!"

O'Neill is very confused and distant, responding in the alien language once again.

Daniel, Jack and Sam are once again in Daniel's office. "Jack seems to have lost the ability to speak anything but the alien language," Daniel tells Sam "But the good news is, we seem to have more of the alien transcription translated. We are the ancients."

"Who are the ancients?" Sam asks.

"I think they could be the teachers of Rhodes…Romans were the first road builders…learned to build roads from gods known as the ancient ones… Roads? Stargates? The Gate builders! What if these ancients were the race that built the Stargates?" Daniel finishes.

Sam looks doubtful and thinks he's speculating. Daniel says it explains how Jack knew about Stargates the Goa'uld haven't even discovered yet.

Jack begins to speak "Ego indeo navo locus."

Daniel translates "I… need… new… location. You need a new location?"

Sam asks "Where do you want to go?" Jack shakes his head. He doesn't know or can't answer her. In an offhand way Sam says she wishes Jack could explain the math on the blackboard. He writes 10 = 8. Sam rushes to the board, "Sir? This is base 8 math!"

Jack's problem is advancing, taking over incrementally. Dr. Frazier worries that Jack's mind might eventually shut down altogether. The SGC begins sending probes to the destinations Jack programmed, hoping to make contact with the race that created the device and get help for Jack. Hammond authorizes a mission to P9Q281, as it has a pedestal near the gate with symbols on it that match the alien language Jack is speaking. Daniel determines that if Jack isn't going, he needs to stay behind to continue to translate the language and he is Jack's only way to communicate as well "I can't leave him like this, and I won't," Daniel flatly states. Sam comments that the formula Jack has written is a revolutionary way to calculate the distance between heavenly bodies. Hammond sends Carter, Teal'c, Kasselman and another soldier to the new planet.

Daniel continues to try to translate the alien language with Jack, who is growing increasingly agitated. Finally, Jack types on the computer keyboard "I have to go through the Stargate"

Daniel asks "OK, you have to go through the Stargate - where? Where to?"

Jack can't tell him where to.

SG-1 hasn't returned the probe on schedule, so the SGC opens the Gate to make video contact. Carter is gives this assessment of their plight "Do not send reserve team…repeat… do not send reserve team. We're in trouble, the DHD seized up when we tried to send the probe back. There is a second sun on the rise, the temperature rapidly increasing. Teal'c is trying a manual dial." The General agrees to check back in one hour if they haven't returned.

Jack is working on his device. Daniel finds out Sam and Teal'c are in trouble and goes to the control room. He doesn't tell Jack, so as not to worry him further. The report is coming in from Carter on their status "Manual dial in failed, sir. The temperature will be over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in four hours. We'll be dead before the end of the day, sir."

Jack has completed his device. Daniel asks what it does. Jack turns it on and part of it glows and hums slightly, as Daniel asks "That's it?" Jack again shrugs in confusion. Daniel now explains to Jack how the DHD isn't working and SG-1 is in serious trouble, he shows him a tape of what Sam has just said. "No one else believes you have the knowledge of the original gate builders in your head right now except me."

Jack begins to draw something, as Dr. Frazier looks on "Is this going to help?"

Daniel answers "I really don't know" as he looks on as well.

Jack scribbles a note and Daniel reads "Shut up and go away!" They leave Jack alone. What he sketches is a detailed description of the DHD, how it works and how to fix it. They send these instructions to Carter and the team returns wobbly but safely. Sam comments as she exits the Gate "These plans were perfect…who came up with them?" Hammond gestures toward O'Neill. Sam is stupefied "Colonel?" Jack shrugs once again. Teal'c tells him he is sorry they couldn't find a way to help him.

Later, red lights are flashing and Carter is being called to the control room. The Stargate is frozen and they can't dial it. The Gate is also trying to draw more power from the system. Jack grabs the device he has built and runs from the lab. "I'm guessing we should follow him…." Daniel indicates to Teal'c.

They follow Jack to the power room, where he is clamping the device into the main power unit. Daniel asks Jack what he is doing and Jack responds "A u jay." Daniel tells Teal'c that means 'good' "Jack, I don't think this is a good thing…" Jack just repeats "A u jay." Daniel determines Jack doesn't understand them anymore. The Stargate gets a huge power boost, ten times normal. Then the Gate begins dialing out on its own. Daniel, Jack and Teal'c rush to the control room. Chevron 7 has encoded, but it is not the point of origin! Then, incredibly, Chevron 8 encodes! The wormhole tracks, leaving the galaxy, going far out.

Sam tries to make sense of it all "The extra chevron must add a new distance calculation to the existing points, like a different area code!"

Hammond asks "Now what?"

The Colonel tries to leave. Hammond asks him "Am I just supposed to let you go?"

Daniel answers for Jack "He's already gone, General. I don't think we have much of a choice."

Daniel tells Teal'c Jack needs to go alone, and as Jack steps up to the Gate, Daniel reminds him he might not be able to come back, as the General has not authorized a remote device. Jack steps into the Gatelight, and the control room loses track of him.

He gets thrown out in the giant hall on an alien world. He looks up to see two aliens about 3 feet tall, ET-like, pale colored, they look like Thor's race, the Asgaard. Jack speaks the ancient language to them, and they talk to one another in a bubbly almost electronic language.

First alien "He is human…from Earth."

Second alien "But he speaks the language of the ancients."

First alien "He wants help."

One of the aliens extends his hand revealing a blue glowing crystal imbedded in the center of his palm. A beam of light pulses out, apparently extracting something from Jack's head and Jack falls back prone on the floor.

The SGC is attempting to redial, but he computer won't accept the eighth chevron. The device hooked up to the power grid has died.

Jack wakes up and looks horrible…tired and gaunt, but sounds peaceful. "Hello…thank you…You understand me?" he asks the aliens. There is a large number of them standing about.

Now, the two aliens speak English, "We speak many languages."

"You're the Asgaards, Thor's race, right?" Jack asks.

"You have heard of us!"

"Nothin but good things!"

"You looked into the archive that stores all of the ancient's knowledge."

"Apparently," Jack responds.

"It was not meant for you."

"What? This was all an accident?" Jack can't believe that is possible.

"Human physiology has not advanced to the point where your brain could handle that technology."

"Oh…so…where am I?" Jack asks, still stunned.

"This is the Asgaard planet, Opthana, in the Galaxy of Ida."

"Why did I come here?"

"The Ancients moved on from our region of space long ago. Your mind used their knowledge to find us here…where you could get help. Very impressive!"

"Well…you know!"

"We did not think your brains had advanced even that far."

"How is it you know so much about our brains?"

"We have studied your race closely."

"What did you learn?" Jack asks very intently.

"That your species has great potential."

"Great potential…that's good…"

"Understand this, there was once an alliance of four great races in the galaxy, the Asgaard, the Nox…"

"Met them.." Jack interrupts.

"The Furlings.."

"Don't know them."

"And the Ancients, the builders of the Stargates."

"That's a pretty heady group," Jack comments, much impressed.

"The alliance was built over many millennia. Your race has much to prove before we can interact on that level."

Jack thinks carefully and responds "You all seem to be quite wonderful…people…and I don't want to appear to sound ungrateful, but you folks should understand that we're out there now. We might not be ready for a lot of this stuff, but we're doin the best we can. We are a very curious race!"

The alien offers his hand to Jack and they shake, "You have already taken the first steps towards becoming the fifth race!"

SGC can't operate the Stargate nor close the iris. The Gate fires up with an incoming traveler, it is Jack. The system quickly returns to normal.

Jack looks at Daniel, "I'm back!"

Daniel asks "What happened?" Jack doesn't answer.

Teal'c wants to know "Do you still possess the knowledge of the ancients?"

Jack is relaxed and happy "Nope! Don't remember a thing, but you know that 'meaning of life stuff'? I think we're gonna be all right!"

The End
Synopsis by Dee Tervo


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