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That does it! All of them picking on me! I'm writing my OWN fics!
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redbyrd (at) mindspring.com
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    Affinity for Trouble
  • SPOILERS: Affinity
  • SUMMARY: Missing scenes and tag for Affinity, S8, Krista's POV
  • PG-13 [A] [D] [M]
  • Archived 10/29/04
    Before the Abyss
  • SPOILERS: The movie, COTG, Cold Lazarus,Thor's Chariot, Fire and Water, Serpent's Lair, A Matter of Time, Divide and Conquer, The First Ones, The Light, Meridian, Frozen, Abyss
  • SUMMARY: The Tok'ra Kanan needed a new host, but he never expected he would have anything to learn from a Tau'ri, let alone the lesson that Jack would teach him.
  • PG [A] [D]
  • Archived 10/29/04
    Beyond the Abyss
  • SPOILERS: Abyss
  • SUMMARY: Tag and missing scenes for Abyss. What happened to Kanan after he abandoned Jack to Ba'al's tender mercies? Sequel to "Before the Abyss"
  • PG [A] [D] [M]
  • Archived 12/06/04
    Damage Control
  • SPOILERS: The Curse, The First Ones
  • SUMMARY: On his way to Egypt to try find the answer to an age old puzzle, Stephen Raynor ponders the mysterious murders of Dr. Jordan and the museum curator-- Could his old friend Daniel possibly be the killer?
  • PG-13 [D] [M]
  • Archived 12/06/04
    Desperate Endeavor 31 K
  • Written by Redbyrd
  • SPOILERS : Serpent's Lair
  • SUMMARY : The crew of the space shuttle Endeavor has a *very* weird day.
  • PG [1st] [M]
  • Archived 10/18/04
    Following Up
  • SPOILERS: Serpent's Lair, tiny for Prisoners
  • SUMMARY: An astronaut who met the team on the Endeavor asks for Sam's help to get into the Stargate program. (Sequel to Desperate Endeavor)
  • PG [D]
  • Archived 10/29/04
    Footsoldiers Part 1: The First Day
  • Written by Redbyrd and dietcokechic
  • SPOILERS: Hathor
  • SUMMARY: Two airmen report for their first day od duty at Cheyenne Mountain.
  • PG-13 [Hu] [M]
  • Archived 10/15/05
    Friendly Fire
  • SPOILERS: Scorched Earth S4
  • SUMMARY: Tag for Scorched Earth - After SG-1 returned from P5S-381, the rumor mill started working overtime.
  • PG [Hu] [M]
  • Archived 12/06/04
    Marking Time 115K
  • SPOILERS: Solitudes, Serpent's Lair, FIAD, Foothold, One Hundred Days, Watergate
  • SUMMARY: During Watergate, Daniel thinks about what he and Teal'c did while waiting for Sam to build the particle accelerator and bring Jack home from Edora.
  • PG [D] [Hc][Hu] [M]
  • Archived 09/07/04
    New Horizons
  • SPOILERS: Serpent's Lair, Thor's Chariot, major ones for Message in a Bottle
  • SUMMARY: The former Endeavor astronauts finally find out what space travel is all about as they are introduced to their new duties at the SGC and face an unexpected crisis. (Sequel to Desperate Endeavor and Following Up)
  • PG [D]
  • Archived 10/29/04
    Performance Reviews
  • SPOILERS: Prometheus Unbound
  • SUMMARY: Tag for Prometheus Unbound. General O'Neill reviews the performance of the SGC personnel aboard Prometheus.
  • G [Hu] [M]
  • Archived 02/26/05
  • SPOILERS: Proving Ground, foreshadows Last Stand
  • SUMMARY: Tag for Proving Ground: Haley said, "You should have seen what they put me through."
  • PG [A] [D] [M]
  • Archived 10/29/04
    Loose Ends
  • SPOILERS: Maternal Instinct, Absolute Power, Ascension, Abyss, Full Circle, Lockdown, Reckoning 1&2, and Threads
  • SUMMARY: Missing scenes and tag for Threads. Why was Anubis so chatty? What did Oma want? And how did Daniel get back to the SGC anyway?
  • PG [D] [M]
  • Archived 09/23/05
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