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      submit a link
  If you know of a link you'd like to submit to our pages, click on the link above or [ here ] Don't forget to include a brief description of your website, what category you're submitting it for, and a url address.
      ancient's gate For more great comics, check out Leah Rosenthal's hilarious cartoons!

  Click here for a MediaWest list of what SG zines are debuting!

  Cheyenne Chevron Newsletter

  The Ancient's Gate This website contains fic by the author Jmas, Abyss image captures, collages, and a great set of images describing important stargate locations such as Daniel's apartment, Jack's house, Carter's house, their labs, etc.
      ash's stargate
  Personal web site with an extensive Stargate section, containing Fanfiction, screen caps with humorous captions, pictures and more!
      ashton press con photos
  Not only does Ashton Press put out great zines and host Leah's cartoon site (see below) but it also has terrific reviews and pictures from many of the conventions Stargate personnel appear at.
  Australia's hottest Stargate fan sites around!One of Australia's hottest Stargate fan sites. Good layout and fast loading. There's an impressive amount of content here I have yet to explore completely. Needless to say, even if not from Australia, this is a site worth checking out.
      bri's stargate wallpapers
  Gorgeous wallpaper by Bri. You can find Sentinel and Professionals' graphics as well! Great for your desktop and beautiful treats for your eyes to behold. A StargateFan.com Recommended site!A MUST SEE Site! The wallpapers you can download for your computer are gorgeous! She has tons of Stargate wallpapers based on themes here. PLUS, she does Sentinel wallpapers too. Highly recommended!
      canadian gate
  Home to several fan produced music videos.
      causticquery v1.0
  A new site containing fic, fic recs, Artwork, plenty of links, Music vid recs, webring listings, and more. Site contains adult content, with warnings where appropriate. Also has links to other sites with adult content and/or slash. * added 09.06.03 *
  Home of the Danielites. It contains mostly articles and some pictures.
      chevron 26
  Wallpapers, skins, some sounds and video clips.
      chevron seven
  Where we got our very first pictures for our website from before Philip and Katya jumped in with theirs. This site has been around since the series first came out. Pictures, reviews, articles, vcr alerts, etc.
      cheyenne mountain
  Katana's Stargate SG1 fansite, calendars, screen captures, Winamp and Hotbar Skins, episode guide, puzzles, quizzes, Desktop Themes and info on the UK-SG1 mailing list.
      the comfort zone
  Not only a good source of lots of fiction, but also has articles written by the fans analyzing the show, image capture galleries, and some lovely fan art.
      daniel downloads
  Fan made VHS tape labels for your Stargate tapes and wallpapers.
      dedicated to stargate sg-1
  Lots of picture galleries organized by character, current and up to date episode guides, lists of allies and enemies in the series, screensavers, music videos, video clips, quizes, (including a "Which SG1 Character Are You?" Quiz), sound clips, fanfiction, basically tons of stuff.
  The Feisty Daniel Appreciation Society. Not only does this website host fiction, but it also has an amazing amount of episode wallpapers dedicated to Daniel. If you're a Daniel fan you don't want to miss this one. (Oh, and they also have a few dedicated to Jack as well.)
      the fifth race
  The Fifth Race has more than 2000 Stargate SG-1 screen caps, and there are more to come. There are also, wallpapers, fanfic etc. Site is graphic heavy, making it slow to open.
      the gate room
  Synopsis of the movie and Pilot episode of Stargate SG-1, top 5 reasons to watch Stargate, a Daniel/Michael tribute and links to other sites.
      gatecon conventions
  Stargate convention!!! Need we say more? These dedicated groups of fans had started out with a great convention in Vancouver, home of Stargate. Now, for 2006, they have the beginnings of a wonderful con set up for the U.K. Check out the galleries and the list of guests on this site!
  Very nice discussion forum with lots of threads about Stargate. The more you post the higher rank you get.
      gateway uk
  Cool design. News, sounds, screensavers, small S3 & S4 picture galleries, quizes, etc.
  Up to date with the latest information on Stargate and her sequel series Atlantis and Infinity. Contains episode guides, episode analyses, reviews, character descriptions of most major and minor characters, races, and goa'ulds.
      hades stargate homepage
  Is very quicktime heavy but has some nice copies of the the various movie promos and such.
      jeanne mcclure's art
  Fan created Stargate art by Jeanne McClure.
      junior's website
  A rather odd look at the life of Teal'c Symbiote, named Junior by Jack O'Neill. Site contains pictures, journals by Junior, and various other items describing Junior's future takeover of the world . . . Warnings: This site does NOT contain slash but has links to other sites that do with warnings where appropriate. * added 09.06.03 *
      knoellies korner
  A single page containing a Stargate survey plus links to other Stargate webrings. * added 09.06.03 *
      other places
  Elegant in its simple design this website has lots of great high quality captures, tons of wonderful wall papers, as well as, screen savers, music videos, and even a bit of fanfiction.
      philip's sg-1 library
  If you guys hadn't realized yet, Philip's site was closed. *sniffle sniffle*, but in memory of such hard work and being a great image resource to fans, we felt we should leave his link and banner up. Thank you, Philip for all your image captures!
      point of origin
  No description was given by webmaster.
      reticulan roulette
  A sci fi hub for a number of fandoms including Stargate. We search out the best in links, images, episode guides, mythology and music videos so you don't have to.
  Has not only good information on Richard Dean Anderson, but excellent promo images produced by Showtime and MGM for the Stargate episodes and of the cast. Also, contains an episode guide, DHD glyphs guide, a Stargate what's what dictionary, and wonderfully detailed mission logs commenting on all the aspects of each episode with pictures. Highly recommended.
      sam and teal'c
  Sam and Teal'c website offers wallpapers, screen caps and articles of Sam and Teal'c, as individuals and as friends. * added 09.06.03 *
  SG Command.Net seeks to provide the ultimate guide to Stargate SG-1 costuming and props. Costuming and prop information.
      sg compendium
  The best source for quotes from S1-3. Also has episode guides, highly detailed character histories for the major SGC characters and some fiction.
      sg1 caps
  Is good source for image captures from various conventions in which the SG-1 actors have appeared, as well some images from the show. Also, has bonus captures of guest appearances the SG-1 cast and guests have done in other series.
      sg-1 database
  A comprehensive UK SG-1 Site with episode downloads, synopsis, 100+ picture galleries, and much much more! * added 09.06.03 *
      sg-1 desktop themes
  Screensavers and wallpapers.
      nitpicker's net guide
  Absolutely the best site for all those pesky details you crave. Stargate SG Quotes, glyphs, addresses, who's been hurt, how many times and when, loads of links and lots of info not found anywhere else. A StargateFan.com recommended link!
      sgc.tk downloads
  Downloads of Stargate episodes. * added 09.06.03 *
      sgc uk
  A UK site. Currently under revamp, but if anything like the past it should have a nice design and be high in content. (In other words, goodies.)
      simona's stargate page
  Devoted to SG 1 and Michael Shanks. Contains information about Michael Shanks as well as other info about Stargate SG-1, fanfiction, pictures, and more. * added 09.06.03 *
      sphinx stargate sg-1
  Screensavers, 3D art, pics galore. Up to date through season 6. A real treat to check out. Warning though, it is in Javascript. Make sure you have your Java switched on the browser to fully enjoy the site. But trust us, it's worth it. Very nice, visually and layout is user friendly.
      star date sg-1
  Has a slide show documenting the series.
      stargate alpha
  This is a complete site for the fun loving Gater... Take time to visit & join up at the Alpha site in Stargate Alpha Command, and to peruse the online magazine with news, reviews and interviews in Stargate Alpha Universe while you sit in the waiting room of life! * added 09.06.03 *
      stargate association (sga)
  Similar to showtime's site (http://sho.com/stargate), you can sign up, play games to earn points, medals and ribbons to earn military ranks.
      stargate database
  Fanfiction, Art, Screen Savers and Wallpapers are just a few things here. 22,000 screen captures from movie and episodes and a fully automated website to submit your reviews, stories and leave feedback online for the writer and much more. Contains some adult content, warnings given where appropriate. * added 09.06.03 *
      stargate music vids
  Music vids done by fans out of the love of Stargate SG-1. Long download times, but they do have some nice vids here. Warning-vids are on a rotation schedule.
      stargate sg-1 archives
  Episode guide and full episode downloads. Every convention I've attended so far, people asked where they can find episodes they've missed. And time and time again, THIS is the site I would recommend! Long downloads, and some images may come out small, but where else can you catch an episode you missed before television syndication reruns it again? Highly recommended. They have bonus videos, too!
      stargate sg-1 cartoons
  For more great comics, check out Leah Rosenthal's hilarious cartoons!Cartoons created and drawn by Leah Rosenthal. We laugh ourselves silly over these all the time. They're witty and sharp and great fun!
      stargate sg-1 from bester & glori
  Pics from Showtime and original Stargate buttons designs to use for your desktop or webpages.
      stargate sg-1 font
  Site where you can download the Stargate Glyphs Font and the Letter Font. Enough said!
      stargate sg-1 solutions
  This was the central organization hub for the Save Daniel Jackson campaign. But now that Daniel is coming back to the show (and how much do we love saying that!) it's a central point for detailed information on the show and on Michael Shanks. So go here to check out what's happening next, links to other important sites and forums, as well as many articles, episode reviews, interview updates, and some great wallpapers and buttons.
      stargate symbol 35
  A fan site that includes links, monthly opinion polls, a few wallpapers, and artwork.
      stargate untamed
  An archive of the Showtime photos from Stargate SG1 and a screensaver with music from the series.Some funny mouseovers.
      the sungate
  A site dedicated to getting Daniel Jackson back on the show. It also has some nice pictures in its image galleries and a description section of the characters. A new site, it will be fun to see how this one grows.
      tara's gate
  Still under construction, currently featuring The Many Moods of Daniel Jackson. Also includes buttons/banners to support The Original SG-1 Team. Soon to include episode synopsis/reviews, picture galleries, actor bios/filmographies, and link page. * added 09.06.03 *
      translation goa'uld
  A fan site that has listed the words and translations for most of the Goa'uld words used in the series and movie. Very handy for writers.
      versaphile sg-1 art gallery
  Has lots of wallpapers, some music videos, a few video clips, and best of all Daniel's Dancing Egyptians screensaver (as identified in several episodes).
  Vid site. One lone vid at the moment, but more to come.
      whatever dials your gate
  A guide to all Stargate music videos. In just a couple clicks, find everything from vids starring Apophis to the pairing of the General and Janet. And normal stuff too.
  TWTID: home of The Wonder That Is Daniel. Site offers screen caps, articles, wallpapers and assorted silliness. Site contains some slash. Warnings are given where appropriate. * added 09.06.03 *
      x-lander's world of sg-1 pictures
  Great big lovely pile of Showtime images for Stargate SG-1.

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